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Our core areas of expertise include Mobile Application Development, Mobility Integration, Enterprise Solutions, Advanced Web Integration and Application Development, Digital Interaction and Experiences to name a few.

The main reason behind the emergence cross platform mobile development is the issue, related to fragmentation. Fragmentation arose due to the presence of different mobile platforms, user interface, SDKs and programming languages. As per the reports, the mobile operating system market share is divided among different platforms. Android constitute of 61% of the market share, iOS has 21% share, Windows have 5% share, Blackberry has 6 % share and others have 7%. Developing apps for the individual platforms is very challenging; hence cross platform mobile app development is the solution of choice.

Advantage of Cross Platform Mobile App Development

  1. Low app development cost

  2. Usability of code across major mobile platforms

  3. Usability of open source cross platform tools

  4. Easy access to the plug-in and modules for web services

  5. Better version control

  6. Improved app deployment time and better performance